How to use

Fast link shortening

0.Navigate to "Enshort link" tab
1.Enter your link into field
2.Press butthon called "Short it!"
3.If your link is succesfully shorted you'll see notfication with your link url
4.Click "Copy" button and link will be copied to your buffer

Customizing your link

To customize your link check checkbox called "Customize"
Alias is not full url of your shorted link(e.g. for alias will be "example")
Title will be displayed instead of link url on redirect page

Customizing alias

Just put your alias in field called "Custom alias" instead of generated one and its done

Customizing title

Put your title into text field called "Custom title" and your link will display another title

Protecting your link

Our site supports password encrypted links.If you shorting your link with passwrod it will be stored encrypted in our database

To encrypt your link tick checkbox "Protect with password".Then enter your password into field called "Password".Now you could customize your link or just short it.Then if you go buy shorted link you will be asked for a pqssword

We guarantee: if you protecting your link with password it will be encrypted and only then stored in our database

Enshorting list of links

If you want to enshort list of links in one time you should to select "Enshort list" in navbar.

Now enter your links(one link per one line) and press 'Short them all!'